Our Story

Howdy! We are two matcha loving sisters from Austin, TX.

Howdy! We're Ellen and Julia, two sisters from Austin, TX, and we share a love for matcha that led to the creation of Matcha Y'all.
Ellen, a holistic health coach based in Austin, prioritizes crafting delicious products while staying true to clean, organic ingredients. It's all about maintaining a healthy balance.
Meanwhile, Julia, a busy nanny, needed a convenient matcha latte blend to power through her hectic schedule. Thus, the idea was born: bring the matcha latte experience to your home in a quick and straightforward manner.
Our signature matcha latte blend is designed to infuse your day with energy and focus. We've combined high-quality matcha for a natural energy boost with organic lion's mane mushroom extract to enhance concentration. Simply add water, mix, and you're ready to conquer the day!
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